Blake · grief

August 10, 2016

Today marks the second anniversary of Blake’s death. Some people call it an angelversary or remembrance of the date of passing. It’s just a really hard and shitty day for Jeff and I. It’s a reminder (although we never forget) that our baby is no longer with us. It feels like yesterday and so long ago. We miss her and are always thinking of her.


I felt like I had tons to say today but the words don’t come.

Do me a favor, tonight when your little asks to stay up late, let them. When they beg you to read the longest story, do it. When they make the living room look like a tornado, laugh it up. I know parenting is challenging but know just how lucky you are to kiss your babies tonight. So many of would give anything for that.

I’d like to share the video we played at Blake’s Celebration of Life. Hopefully Blakey’s smile will brighten someone’s day.



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