SMA awareness month

Today, August 1, marks the beginning of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) Awareness month. August is my least favorite month of the year. On the 10th, we will come around to the second anniversary of Blake’s death. The only thing that helps me through this month is trying to do good in her name and making sure that I don’t spend a day not spreading awareness about the disease that stole her from us.

Blake Avery Reid

Here is what YOU can do this month:

The easiest one is to educate yourself about SMA. 1 in 40 people are carries of SMA and most don’t know it. I’m a carrier, are you?

Talk about SMA. Tell Blake’s story. Let people know she was the sweetest, most joyous little baby. Tell them her mind was just like those of her peers. Explain that SMA robbed her and her family of a long life. Nothing can change if no one knows about it.

Team Blake Tees

Donate to Cure SMA. There is no cure for SMA and that needs to change. Babies and children are dying. A lot of them. Even $5 helps us get closer to finding a cure for kids like Blake. You can also donate by purchasing a Team Blake t-shirt. Profits from these tees go to the same place.

My sister sent me this graphic today:

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 1.40.23 PM


No one knows about SMA but everyone knows about ALS. SMA is like ALS but in babies and much more common (as you can see).

Educate yourself about carrier testing before starting or expanding your family. Please.


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