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We went back and forth on what to do in memory of Blake this holiday season. Last year, we were very successful (thanks to you!) in gathering tons of toys for foster children. Check out Facebook for photos ❤

Over the last couple weeks, a few people have been asking about the plan for this year. Guys, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for something like that. You think of Blake and us and it just means so much. Anyway, we decided this year was a good year to make movie baskets! We did some of these last season and I watched them (like a crazy lady in the corner) get picked up one by one so quickly. Foster parents take on lots and lots during the holidays and that includes financially. Something like a movie basket could be “extra” with everything else.

Please take a look at our Amazon wishlist: Holiday Movie Baskets.

There are items as low as $2.94. If you think there is something missing from that list please send me an email: I would love to add your ideas.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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