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A tree for my girl

It feels like Blakey slips away more and more as time passes. It’s harder for us to find moments that are full of her. A while back the idea came up to plant a tree for her. At first I thought it was silly. Then I realized the meaning of it: something that we could watch, care for and would be all about her. I’ll pretty much do anything I can to continue to parent my sweet girl. 9A8DE935-91D9-45CF-AFCD-63801E67FEF7

I started looking for the perfect tree and it took some time. It felt sort of final like I didn’t want to make the wrong choice. I wanted something that would bloom and fit. After all the research, we decided on a southern magnolia. It will do well where we live and once it’s bigger, will bloom in the summer. Summer is definitely the season of Blake for our family. It’s right smack in the middle of our front yard which is one of my favorite parts. I can see it from my kitchen and family room windows. We surrounded it with marigolds because they’re yellow and they make us think of her. Kenley helped to plant everything (Ayla ate the dirt) and already knows it as Blakey’s tree. She even told Ayla, “See, this is a tree for your big sister. Your other big sister.”


Jeff and I talked about having picnic lunches out there this summer. We’re going to do even more things to make it special and a place for us to connect with her. I will water it and while I do I’ll think of my girl. I’ll watch it grow and bloom just like she would’ve.




2 thoughts on “A tree for my girl

  1. Anything/everything you do for your little angel is okay. We each have our own ways of remembering and honoring, to keep them with us. Love and prayers.


  2. Love this. I bought a solar lantern of a little pink angel to put under Baby Jameson’s tree at my mom’s that we plan to plant this summer. It’s honestly the little things that keep the memories alive. You are an amazing mommy to three beautiful little girls, keep doing what you are doing ❤


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