Something my Dad told me

I was driving to work the other day and the guy on the radio was talking about Father’s Day. He asked people to call in and answer the question, “What is something your Dad told you that you’ve always remembered? Something that just really sticks with you.” I knew my answer immediately.

My Dad and brand new baby Ayla

When I was 21, I got dumped by a boyfriend (very thankful to him for that now). I was so devastated, ugly crying, the whole works. Shortly after that I went on a dinner date with my Dad. We were talking and I told him how sad I was and that I wanted the time to pass. I wanted to get to where I could feel better. He said a lot of Dad type encouraging things and then, “You know honey, don’t wish the time away.” Back then I was like yeah, yeah. I mean, I got what he was saying but at that time I wasn’t the super smart lady that I am now.

I always remembered what he said but I didn’t really understand it until I met Blake. Living in the moment was something I had to learn how to do and I used that phrase every single day after her diagnosis. I’m totally convinced now that my Dad was right and it’s a better way to live. I try my very best to take a deep breath and soak it in (whatever it is) as many times a day as I can remember. I channel my inner Dad and tell myself don’t wish the time away.

It’s hard not to wish time away, I get it. We’re all human and sometimes this is just what we do. I can’t wait until bedtime. Only two more weeks until vacation. Once the kids get a little older they won’t need so much. I’m not as good as I want to be and I still get wrapped up in things that I shouldn’t. I try though and I think that’s the best we can do!

What is something you remember from your Dad?

3 thoughts on “Something my Dad told me

  1. My dad was in Vietnam and served 3 long years at a young age. He always said when things were difficult, “you can stand on your head for that long.” It was supposed to be somewhat funny but it really meant time goes quickly and sometimes when difficult things seem like they are taking a long time to get through, it really isn’t so long after all.


  2. Four years after my parents abruptly separated and divorced, I was getting ready to leave for college and my father said, “Go to school and get yourself an education so you don’t have to rely on him supporting you (in His Spanish voice). I thought this to be ironic because he left my mom and she had to get a job after being a stay at home mom and count on him for child support. Well I was always told this by mom but to hear it from my dad was a wow. I then had a child of my own from a relationship that ended and he had wanted nothing to do with us. And my father said “I’m glad you went to school so you don’t have to depend on him but always remember you have the family to help when you need it.” Words I’ll never forget it. My dad was a man of few words.


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