October 15

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day or Child Loss Remembrance Day. I prefer the latter but that’s just me.

One of the reasons this blog still exists is to spread awareness. It’s definitely more than just awareness of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (although you will NEVER stop hearing from me about SMA). It’s child loss awareness, pediatric end of life care awareness, more and more. There are way too many families who have lost their children in various ways. Before Blake, I had no idea the amount of people around me who were living without one or more of their babies.

I am a firm believer that families like mine shouldn’t suffer in silence. We shouldn’t have to pretend like our child never existed to keep those around us comfortable. Imagine what it would be like to not be able to speak about your child? To mention them and almost always get a pitiful reaction?

Yesterday, while visiting the pumpkin patch, my 4 year old started talking to a woman about her sisters:

“I have 3 sisters. One of my sisters died, her name is Blake. We are going to pick her a pumpkin today.” 

No face of horror. No discomfort or rushing to get away. She listened attentively, responded kindly and went on with her pumpkin search. You guys, I was brought to tears because this rarely happens. I’m usually left with a pit in my stomach or fear that my sweet girl was made to feel like she did something wrong.

I cannot stress this enough: If you encounter a family like mine, please show kindness and compassion when we include our child who can no longer be here. It truly means the world to us.

These are my babies. I am incredibly proud to be mama to each and every one of them.


As always, thank you for reading, supporting and loving us.

3 thoughts on “October 15

  1. You are, as always, astute in this arena. But I wonder: I have a good friend who recently lost their adult son suddenly. This all would apply to their loss as well?


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