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You guys have been asking about how transitioning to a foster family is going. In short: it’s going really well. I’ve become a master with paperwork and appointments. Many visits to and from the doctor, social worker, CASA (court appointed special advocate), education coordinators, nutrition and more have been happening. We are back to the chaos of newborn life but we definitely know what we signed up for with this being our fourth newborn!


I wish I could share more but I can tell you that baby girl’s biological family is not involved at all. This makes the situation quite a bit different in the foster world. She doesn’t have visits with her biological parents which would typically be happening at this point. Things can always change but if all goes as we think it will, she will legally become our daughter (feels so crazy even typing that out). This is months and months away and not set in stone until it happens but it sure isn’t what we expected with our first placement! Like I said before, adoption was certainly a possible option for us but not our goal in fostering. However, we did know when we said yes to her that this was the path we would head down. It’s already been a whirlwind in just a month.


My biggest struggle right now is wishing I could take every child who needs a home. I receive a daily email with a list of children who need a family. I read about every single child, every single day and the list is hearttbreakingly long. Beyond that we get calls fairly often for specific children or emergent needs. At this point, we know we are limited with a newborn who has only been here a short time. We need to make sure we have enough to give to all of our kids and each other. That definitely doesn’t change my mama heart though.


Right now, baby is doing well. She is a big eater and loves to be held. She thinks night is day and day is night so that’s fun! The girls are pretty much obsessed with her sweet face (which I so wish I could show you) and so are we. We are thankful that she came to us and really just can’t get enough of her!

For those of you with questions about foster care or becoming licensed (who have no yet asked), please ask.

Thank you for all the well wishes for us!

One thought on “Foster life

  1. This has been such a HUGE undertaking. I am so very proud, not only of you and Jeff, but also of how loving and generous your children are. You both have taught them by example to be these things. I know, if Blakey could be here, she would be front and center, welcoming “new baby sister”!! I love you all to the moon and back again. Carry on! 🔆🦋💕


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