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Blake’s First Birthday

Blake’s first birthday is coming up on September 17. I remember the day I met her so vividly; it is tied with the birth of her older sister as the best day of my life. The doctor told me to push and I did –once- and there she was. She wouldn’t let me put her down the entire first night and I am so glad.

CureSMA sent us a care package right after Blake’s diagnosis. They do this amazing thing for Type 1 families. The care package was filled with toys to match her abilities and things that made her more comfortable. That huge package arriving on our doorstep made one of the worst times of our lives a little better. Much of what came inside was donated in honor of babies and children who passed away from SMA. So, in honor of our baby girl, Jeff and I will be doing a toy drive for her birthday.43

We’d like to collect as many toys as we can to send to CureSMA for future care packages. There will be more families like us; unfortunately, a lot more. I hope to give another family a little bit of what we were given.

One of Blake’s favorite toys was a little mouse cat toy (pictured) that was purchased from Dollar Tree for just $1. You can check out your local store or even buy them online.

Update: At the suggestion of a blog reader, I’ve made an Amazon wish list.

You can also purchase a Team Blake shirt. All proceeds go directly to CureSMA.

Here are more ideas (the key is lightweight):

If you have an idea not on the list let me know!

If you’re local we can pick them up from you or send me an email and I will give you an address to ship the toys directly. If you’d rather make a monetary donation, we will shop for the toys. Or, you can donate directly to CureSMA.

We know we’ve asked a lot of all of you recently with the CureSMA walk. Please know that we truly appreciate each and every dollar you donate, or moment when you think of our daughter. Thank you so much for continuing to support our family in our pursuit of finding a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

We’re hoping to send the toys to CureSMA shortly after Blakey’s birthday.

2 thoughts on “Blake’s First Birthday

  1. What a beautiful idea, Stephanie and Jeff ❤ Shall I ship to your address? Thank you for allowing us to celebrate little Blake's birthday-it also gives us a chance to celebrate the loving people who are trying to hold and share their love and joy in the midst of their grief. Always loving you~


  2. I’m a friend of Megan’s, and have been touched by your Blake’s story. I am expecting my first baby and went through genetic testing to be sure I am not an SMA carrier, because I researched the disease and was floored by how many people have the mutation that can cause SMA. I hope a cure is found, but in the mean time that more awareness is available to parents-to-be about getting pre-conception genetic testing, and for those families with babes who have SMA, care packages and community-building continues to help be a tiny bright spot. I’ll be sending some wish list items in memory of your Blake. ❤️


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