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All the people

One of the most positive things to come out of Blake’s diagnosis is all the support we’re getting. Seriously, it’s overwhelming.  We love it so much.

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Blakey and her Grandma

My mom has been staying at our house almost every night to help with anything we need. My sister has been staying over when my mom can’t and coming over every day, too. My cousin shows up weekly with at least three meals. My dad takes Kenley on outings, brings whatever we need and my stepmom sends food. Our friends are dropping off meals. Jeff’s brother and his family flew in from Hawaii to spend time with us. My aunt drove up from southern Oregon to meet the girls and spend time with us. My cousins and aunts from all over are sending the girls books and presents. Our photographer took photos of us and Blake as a gift. We’re getting flowers and cards. People we’ve never met are sending messages on Facebook, telling us they’re praying for Blake and our family. Jeff’s boss has been checking in often and sending well wishes. My boss has been so accommodating, letting me work a small number of hours weekly from home. Texts, phone calls, and messages are coming through regularly from all over. There is so much more, I’m sure I’m forgetting some things.

When I considered starting this blog, I was nervous. It’s a big deal to put all your shit out there for people to read, especially at such a vulnerable time. Something in me felt like it was necessary and important. The response has been so, so amazing. To know that you are all thinking of us is really comforting. Someone wrote on Facebook the other day thanking me for sharing our story. She said our sharing our story is helping her navigate through something difficult in her own life. I never even considered that, but I’m so thankful she shared that with me.

Thank you, to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts for thinking of our family. Thank you for praying for us and wishing us well. Thank you for all of your kind gestures, cards, meals and presents. Thank you for helping us to bring awareness about SMA. Thank you for letting us share with all of you. These are the times when we need you and boy, have you shown up!

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  1. Is there anything else you need? More meals dropped off? Anything? Please don’t hesitate to email. I know I’m a stranger to you (I worked with Lindsay a few years ago), but I would love to help out in any way you guys need. Just say the word and it’s done

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