foster care

Baby E

It’s been a bit since I did an update on our Baby E and you’ve been asking!

This sweet girl is 4 months old now and it’s hard to believe she has been with us that long.

She reeeeeally likes to be held, all the time. It took a couple months but now baths have become a favorite. Her strength has amazed us since literally day one. Her smile is the sweetest and Daddy makes her giggle all the time. She is the only one of our girls who soothes to music. She actually sleeps at night!

Kenley loves her so much. We haven’t been surprised by this since she has always been a great big sister. It’s a little different now that she can actually help with her. She was never really old enough to do that when Blake and Ayla were teeny tiny. Ayla has shocked us with the affection and gentleness (is that a word?!) she has shown Baby E. She is such a mama’s girl but has been so happy to share with E! The baby gets 400 kisses a day from Ayla and if she’s crying it’s her sisterly duty to make sure we know about it, “Mom! Dad! Baby! Help!”

We get asked about her case often. I think it’s natural to want to know more about her story and how she came to us. The thing is it’s not our story to tell. In fact, we aren’t allowed to talk about her case at all. I’m happy to answer questions about her and how we feel about foster care in general (so far :)) but nothing specific to her case itself.

This whole foster thing really is a slippery slope. We feel like she is our daughter but are reminded often that she isn’t.

There are some really special things about her and the connection she has to us. My hope is that one day I’ll be able to share those in detail with all of you. For now I can tell you that it is likely we will be able to adopt her. Again, not what we imagined for our first place but there is so much beauty to her story and how she landed in our family.

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