Blake · foster care

Giving Tuesday

Last night I was putting Kenley to bed when she told me that she wishes Blake was here for Christmas. She said, “I think we should get Blakey a present. What do you think about that?” After more discussion about Blakey not being able to play with something that we get for her, we settled on getting presents for other kids. 

In honor of #givingtuesday, we would be so grateful for your help this holiday season. We’ve made an Amazon wish list with tons of items to choose from. These gifts will be put together and delivered to an organization that works with abused and neglected children in our area. You will notice suitcases and backpacks on that list. Something that really hits me is foster children who have to travel from place to place with all of their belongings in a garbage bag. We hope to change that for some. 

In addition to putting together these gifts, we’re going to “adopt” a child around the age that Blakey would be this year. We know a few families who do this and it’s very meaningful. If you have a three year old little girl in mind, would you please send me an email?

I know I ask a lot of you guys and you always deliver. I wish I could thank you enough for helping us help others in honor of our Blake.

You are wonderful.

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