Team Blake

This is our third year of making Team Blake shirts. We design a new shirt every year around this time because of a walk we do for Cure SMA. We aren’t doing so well this year with only 6 people who have purchased so far. Help us out! If you can’t help by buying a shirt, there are other ways too.

All proceeds from tees sold go to Cure SMA on behalf of Team Blake.


  • Buy a Team Blake shirt. You only have 5 days left. All proceeds from these shirts go directly to CureSMA. Even better, you’ll be spreading SMA awareness by wearing them!
  • Donate to CureSMA. Bypass the shirts and donate directly to the walk if you’d rather.
  • Talk about SMA. We didn’t know about SMA before Blake was diagnosed and we hear the same from sooo many other SMA parents. We know that not everyone is able to donate, but talking is free. You can talk about SMA and carrier screening, (or send people to me; I’ll talk and talk and talk) and help us raise awareness.
  • Talk about Blake.  Also a way to help for free, you can share fundraising efforts on Facebook. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, you can share Blake’s story.

Some of you will now have 3 different shirts with my daughter’s name on them. Other of you have donated to every single thing we’ve fundraised for. I want you to know that I thank you SO very much. There are so many worthy causes out there and I feel so grateful that you donate in honor of Blakey.


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