All about Blake

I’ve realized a lot of time in this blog has been spent talking about SMA. In the beginning, we were really focused on bringing awareness so another family wouldn’t have to go through what we’re going through. In the midst of that we’ve been getting many, many questions about SMA (which is good, because we want to help), but fewer and fewer questions about Blake. I’m disappointed in myself for not talking more about her!  So, that’s what I’m going to do tonight.Memorial Day 042

Blake is always happy and smiling. She’s smiles at just about anything. She loves to snuggle. All of her naps are taken on someone, usually me. She sleeps with us at night and always has. I think I love it even more than she does. She wakes me up most mornings by rubbing my face. When I open my eyes, she’s smiling.

Any toy she can hold goes directly into her mouth. Her current favorites are a little toy mouse my sister got her and a play spoon. She loves to be tickled! We all tickle her pretty much all day long because her reaction is so damn cute. She still has enough strength to push herself backwards a bit when she’s being held. We call it the ‘upside down game’ and she would do it for hours if we let her. She and her Grandma (my mom) play it pretty much daily. She loves it when we sing to her, even horrible singing. Kenley sings to her every morning; even if she’s fussy that will get a smile out of her. She loves to go on walks or be outside in our backyard all the time.

Watching TV with sister

One of her favorite things to do is dance, so we do it often. Her absolute favorite thing to do is take a bath with her big sister. She can move her arms and legs freely, all while laughing as her sister pours water on her. Her favorite movie is Home and she’s very interested in TV. Ever since she started making sounds she’s been a big babbler, always ‘talking’ and blowing bubbles. Daddy and her Papa (my dad) have beards.  She loves to run her hands through them.

She has two teeth now and her hair has really been growing this past month. She and her Daddy have  the same blue eyes with crazy eyebrows. Her eyes are always sparkling. She’s still a big chunk; her rolls are super cute. She loves to hold hands with her big sister. Even though Daddy says I overdo it, she loves ‘Mama’ kisses. Daddy’s funny faces are always the funniest. Somehow she’s gotten a ton of nicknames: Blakey, Bakey, Bakes, Stinky (only Daddy calls her that), little sister and happy girl.

She is the sunshine of our family and we love her so very much. We find joy in almost anything these days and that is because of her. She has such a big spirit in her little body. Her sunshine is so contagious! Anyone who has met her says the same.

She has SMA, but that’s not who she is.

Dancing with Mama
Upside down with Daddy

6 thoughts on “All about Blake

  1. She’s 100% pure joy. Saying I love her doesn’t touch the depths of feeling…. she is the heart of our collective families 💗.


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