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We meet

If you missed it, read A baby? first.

After we said yes, we told the social worker that we would like to go and see her in the hospital. It only took a couple hours before we were given the go ahead to visit.

I remember saying to Jeff in the elevator, “What do we say when we get there? Who do we tell them we are?” We had no idea what we were doing.

We walked into the nursery and were directed to the sink to wash our hands. My mind was filled with so many questions? What did she look like? How much did she weigh? How was her mom? Holy shit, this is actually happening. 

I heard the kind woman who led us back tell someone, “The foster parents are here.” I turned around (oh shit that’s us) and started walking towards them. I rounded the corner and saw a nurse holding a tiny baby in a light green swaddle. She was feeding her a bottle and immediately said, “I’m so glad you’re here, I need to feed that one” and quickly placed this little human right in my arms. 

I expected to feel nothing for a child who was not biologically mine. When it was the opposite, it was overwhelming. I looked down at her and the tears just came. I almost cannot explain it. 

After feeding and holding her for a while, Daddy got to hold her for the first time. As you can see, from then on he was all in.

That was it. Here she was and our only job was to love her. 

In an instant, our lives were forever changed in a wonderful way. We became proud parents to a brand new, perfect baby girl for the fourth time.

Some photos of her first couple of days home.

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