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A baby?

Last September, as I was leaving work on a Friday afternoon I got the email from our licensor, “Congratulations! You are licensed foster parents.” I called Jeff to tell him. All of a sudden after months of preparation, it was today. We were both anxiously excited. 

Jeff was going out of town for the weekend with friends. I was all kinds of worried because I thought I would get a call and not be able to get ahold of him. We have a great need in our area and had heard of many families becoming licensed and getting calls for potential placements within hours or even minutes. 

Monday arrived, which happened to be Blakey’s 3rd birthday, no calls.

Tuesday, on my way home from work, my phone rang and it was a private number. I knew it had to be someone from children’s administration.

Me: I’m doing okay, how are you?

Her: Well, I’m doing alright. I have a baby. We are looking for a long term placement for her. Most likely an adoptive home. We don’t know much at this point….

Me: A baby? Wow. Ok. A girl you said? How old did you say she was? 

Her: She is one day old. 

Me: (I take a big deep breath) So, she was born yesterday?

Her: Yes, she was born on the 17th. 

This little girl, who most likely needed a forever home, was born on the same day as Blake.

Did you tear up? Cause everyone tears up. 

I told her I would call my husband and call her right back. She told me she would take her lunch, wouldn’t call anyone else yet, and wait to hear from us.

I hung up, called Jeff, and could barely get out words. All I remember from that conversation was my wonderful husband saying, “Well let’s go get her!”

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