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The beach

Yesterday we went to the beach. Jeff and I decided to pack up the girls early and just go. The weather was beautiful and we ended up being the only people on the entire beach. We set up all our stuff, ate snacks and listened to music.

Kenley told us ten times how much fun (or ‘pun’ as she says) she was having. She got to play in the sand and throw rocks into the water. Her Daddy even (mistakenly) gave her an entire bag of goldfish crackers. Blake was smiling and babbling from the minute we got there. She was taking it all in until it was her naptime. Jeff kept saying, “This is so nice” and it was. It was really perfect. One of the most normal days we’ve had in a really long time.

I spent my time looking at the three of them. Taking pictures too, obviously. I love them all so much more than I knew you could love. Watching them interact and smile is my very favorite thing. I’ll never get tired of it and I know now, I will always appreciate it.

I am so grateful for memories like this one.



6 thoughts on “The beach

  1. What a wonderful beach trip this turned out to be! I love that you guys just get up and go; I know the beach is a favorite for all of you!

    I am proudest of you, Stephie, when you can find joy in the midst of sorrow. I love you, and Jeff and Kenley and Blakey more than words can ever say. You are the strongest Mama and Daddy I have ever known.



  2. Your pictures are just beautiful and show the love,fun and joy a trip to the beach was for your family!! Hope you pack it all up and go several more times this summer. Julie


  3. The joy comes through your writing so strong and it is a reminder that you get to feel and know it more than the person who is going along taking what they have for granted. The pictures say it all – a beautiful seized opportunity, a day at the beach.


  4. I love you and your family! Finding the sunshine is an art, I’m so happy for you that you and Jeff can access that part of your hearts xxxooo


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