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Blake’s Birthday

We are coming up on, what would be, Blake’s 4th birthday.

As you all know, we celebrate Blake as often as we can. What better way to celebrate her than by showing love to those who need it? This year I reached out to our local Children’s Administration office and asked what they might need (this is the same office where all your suitcase donations went – they were in tears when we delivered <3). My heart broke when the list included mostly infant items like bottles, pacifiers, diaper wipes, and tiny clothes.

I’ve made an Amazon wishlist that includes the items they are in need of. All items you purchase will ship to our house and we will hand deliver each and every one to the office for children coming into or already in foster care.

When we took Baby E home from the hospital we were given a pacifier she had been using and two small bottles of formula. Everything else she needed, we purchased. While we would buy her the entire world (she might be a wee bit spoiled), when foster parents have to buy all these items, usually same day, things get very expensive very quickly.

We do a lot of fundraising for CureSMA (if you’re interested in donating to Team Blake this year click here) but obviously helping children in foster care is also so very close to our hearts. Please consider donating something on this list. Items are as low as $2.68 and head up from there. Scroll up and down to see a good variety.

Thank you for donating, sharing, and honoring our girl.

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