New adventures

We have been working on something for a little while so I’ll rewind back a bit. Jeff and I always thought we’d have lots of kids. Ok, maybe just me but Jeff married me so whatever. After we lost Blake, we were surprised by our pregnancy with Ayla. We are so grateful to be our girls’ parents and have the privilege of raising Kenley and Ayla. However, we’ve felt like we still have a lot of love to give. Conceiving naturally is probably off of the table for us because we don’t want to risk SMA being passed to another one of our children. While thinking about our family and the future we were led to consider adoption. Consider. 36703843_10216761926418442_7401969220864442368_n

I started looking into the different ways to adopt. It’s such an in depth process with so many options and roads that I really knew nothing about. While researching I kept finding stories about families who foster. You guys, I had no idea the great need for foster families especially in my state. I remember thinking over and over I can’t not do something. When I brought up the idea of becoming a foster family to Jeff he was so on board. Side note: I just love him. He’s so kind and always willing to try all of the craziness I come up with.

After so much talking with Kenley, professionals and other families, Jeff and I have decided to welcome a child into our home for as long as they need. We’ve taken all our classes and are awaiting approval from the state. Our licensor anticipates we’ll be all set in late August or early September. We’re both nervous and excited for the journey that lie ahead.

I think like anything else (or should I say everything else) people have opinions or ideas about choices like these ones. I’ve learned so much from my Blakey. One of the biggest is to cut out that noise. True freedom is doing whatever you think is right without letting others opinions alter you.

Thank you for continuing to follow along with our story and remember our sweet Blake.

Here we go!

5 thoughts on “New adventures

  1. Congrats on the new steps!! I became a foster mom manny moons ago and wouldn’t change it for a thing!! They become part of your family!


  2. We fostered for awhile and loved it (it’s hard but we still loved it). We were heartbroken when we had to quit (long and traumatic story). You will be so good at it. ❤❤❤


  3. Such a great thing! We have learned so much in the last 10 months with Baby B and the foster care system. They need families like yours. ❤️


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